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We are Disney nerds. Two kids at heart who love the magic and the memories of Walt Disney World! We follow all things Disney and have great experiences with Disney Vacation Club and RunDisney events in particular. We enjoy the vacations, day trips, weekend getaways and geek out over the planning of such events. From lodging to dining to Fastpasses we have a spreadsheet for every occasion. Mike’s frivolous Disney goal is to acquire a magic band of every color while Jamie’s goal is to experience as many Disney desserts as possible. Usually there isn’t a day that passes without some discussion of the master plan of our next trip to the happiest place on earth. Most people think we’re normal – until they travel to Disney with us. We have been married for 11 years and are blessed with one daughter who has learned the importance of planning ahead! As a family we thoroughly enjoy the magic and the memories at Walt Disney World and are here to help others experience the magic as well.

Why is A Goofy Movie (1995) not on Blu-ray?

We love the Goofy Movie! We too searched and we also couldn’t find it on Blu-ray. It is our understanding that Disney releases movies in different formats depending on demand. While to us the Goofy Movie is a classic, it’s likely not popular enough to receive Blu-ray status. Our guess is that Disney will do their usual release of it ...

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What is the best hotel in Walt Disney World?

The best resort on Disney World property… a very tricky question because all of them have their perks! Typically, the best resorts are the Deluxe category resorts such as the Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian. Deluxe Resorts have the best proximity to parks, the most luxurious amenities, best resort dining, and themed beautifully. They are of course the most expensive! ...

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Can I get autographs at all the Meet and Greets?

We love the character meet and greets! At most of Disney’s meet and greets, characters do sign their autograph. There are a handful of characters however that do not sign. A few examples are Olaf (he provides a sticker), Buzz Lightyear (uses a stamp), Beast, King Louie, and Kylo Ren. While these characters and a few others might not sign, ...

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How can I find a paver stone I purchased?

Great question! There used to be a Walk Around the World Brick kiosk that is no longer in place. If you need help locating your brick, head to Guest Relations in City Hall at Magical Kingdom. Bring any paperwork you may have on your brick. Guest Relations will have a map available and will point out where your brick is ...

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Will Disney make a Mulan 3?

At the present time, Disney has produced Mulan and Mulan 2. They are also in the process of producing a live action Mulan movie that is said to release in November 2018. There is no Mulan 3 movie in the making at the present time and no talk of one that we are aware of.

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Will there be a Fox And The Hound 3?

Released in 1981, Disney’s Fox and the Hound is still one of our favorites! We love the characters, music, and how it pulls at our heart strings. At the present time, there is no rumor that there will ever be a Fox and the Hound 3. With that being said, we have to assume they will leave Fox and the ...

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Are there people at Disneyland who can help handicapped people get into/onto the rides?

Unfortunately, Disneyland or Disney World Cast Members are not allowed to assist guests with mobility disabilities on or off the attraction for legal reasons. One suggestion is to look at using an EVC and ride attractions available without transport – where you can stay in your ECV the entire time. Attractions that require guests to transfer from a wheelchair or ...

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Do we need tickets for the Thanksgiving day parade?

Special Thanksgiving Day festive parades at Disney’s theme parks do not require a special ticket to view the parade. You will just need your regular park admission ticket. In the past, Mickey and Minnie have made their appearance in the parade on Thanksgiving Day at Magic Kingdom in their pilgrim costumes. There have also been marching bands in a parade ...

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