Does Disneyland have a dining plan for 2014

Disneyland has dining vouchers compared to Walt Disney World’s Dining Plan. The Disneyland dining package is called “Dine in the Magic,” which contain prepaid vouchers and not dining credits. Each of these vouchers have a specific face value and no change is given if your meal is less than the voucher. For example, if you have a meal that is $21 and you only have $30 worth of “Dine in the Magic” vouchers, you will not get back $9 in cash or in vouchers.

There is one exception to this rule, though. For character meals, the dining vouchers are good for the entire meal (including tax and tip.) Overall, the “Dine in the Magic” plan is not considered a good value and if you’re looking for a way to prepay for your meals, pick up a prepaid Disney Gift Card or other prepaid card where you can keep your change!